Crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes,
and our delicious dressings.
Just because it’s salad doesn’t
mean it shouldn’t taste great.


San Marzano-style tomatoes,
100% mozzarella cheese and
dough made fresh every day.
What could be better than that?


Made fresh, right in the store,
and proofed and stretched
by the professionals.
It’s what we do.


We make it the same way
Mama Sbarro made it. With
only the freshest, all-natural
San Marzano-style tomatoes
and a little bit of basil.


(pronounced like “Muhtz”)
This stuff is the real deal.
Hand-shredded, and made
from 100% whole milk, the
way mozzarella ought to be.


(Pronounced Sbahr-row)

When the Sbarro family emigrated from Naples they brought
the best of Italy with them. The handmade dishes at their
Brooklyn Salumeria drew customers from near and far for a
true taste of Italy. Over 50 years later, we're in over 800
locations worldwide.



Spaghetti, lasagna or baked ziti,
you’re getting 100% semolina
pasta and Carmela Sbarro’s
signature sauce.


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